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22N71 Sweater x Oliva Kit

Easy | Knitting | 20H | Wool

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Pearl Grey




Spotted Dark Grey

Sprinkle Bordeaux


Sage green


Forest Green



Spotted Grey

Neon Marshmallow



Dusty Pink



Hand Painted Sprinkle


Lipstick Red

Digital Lavender


Dusty Blue

Millennial Pink

+-1 Ball(s)
+-1 Ball(s)

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22N71 Sweater x Oliva Kit
22N71 Sweater x Oliva Kit
22N71 Sweater x Oliva Kit
22N71 Sweater x Oliva Kit

The 22N71 Sweater by Oliva is a intermediate level knitting project with a mixture of knitting stitches and color combinations that will result in a hand knit plaid pront. This project is knitted in three colors (A, B and C) and in several pieces which are then seamed together: back, front, and sleeves.
Color A = 3 [3, 4, 4] skeins.
Color B = 2 [2, 2, 2] skeins.
Color C = 1 [1, 1, 1] skein.

The model wears size: M

Skeins: x Wool

Needles (optional)

Step by step pattern instructions for all sizes in English, Español, Deutsch, Français, Italiano

An embroidery label

This project is worked in The Wool. Wool is a very resistant, naturally elastic and pure yarn that softens and adapts to you over time. Also, wool is naturally safe and does not promote the growth of bacteria. Perfect for timeless knitwear, our Wool is easy to knit, thicker than average (200gr) and there's a wide and beautiful range of colors waiting for you.}
Juanjo Oliva is a renowned Spanish fashion designer known for his elegance and timeless style. He has created collections that blend sophistication with modernity, crafting impeccable garments with high-quality fabrics. This has positioned him as a prominent figure in the Spanish fashion scene.
This project is available in sizes: S [M, L, XL]

Measurements in centimeters:

Back and front:
Width 46 [50, 53, 57] cm
Length: 50 [50, 52, 54] cm
Cuff 20 [23, 23, 26] cm
Length: 44 [44, 46, 48] cm
Armhole 36 [40, 43, 46] cm

Measurements in inches:

Back and front:
Width: 18 [19 1/2, 21, 22 1/2] in
Length: 19 1/2 [19 1/2, 20 1/2, 21 1/2] in
Cuff: 8 [9, 9, 10] in
Length:17 1/2 [17 1/2, 18, 19] in
Armhole14 [15 1/2, 17, 18] in
The model wears size: M
22N71 Sweater x Oliva Kit
Airing instead of washing goes a long way. Materials like wool are even naturally self-cleaning. Hand-washing is always the gentler option and the one we recommend. Dry the garment flat and let them always dry in the shade. Do not tumble dry. Do not wring.
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